Human Resource Employee Risk Profile – Management Risks Explained

Human Resource Employee Risk Profile

Is your business in danger? Would you need tranquility of care?

If it’s not too much trouble, answer the accompanying inquiry sincerely by drawing a circle around or concealing in the section. In the event that you can just answer part of the inquiry in the positive, you should choose ‘No’ eg in Q1 on the off chance that you have business contracts for your representatives and not for your supervisory group at that point select ‘No’.

1. I have state-of-the-art work contracts for all representatives and the executives Yes No

2. I enlist all representatives into the working environment utilizing an archived cycle Yes No

3. I have completely reported HR methodology and arrangements set up Yes No

4. These approaches and methods are accessible to all workers and are consistently alluded to, utilized and kept up Yes No

5. I lead a semi-yearly exhibition the board interaction with all workers Yes No

6. I have reported complaint, segregation, work environment tormenting and inappropriate behavior arrangements set up Yes No

7. I have a composed end system and strategy set up Yes No

8. My representatives have been prepared and comprehend that we don’t acknowledge separation, work environment tormenting and inappropriate behavior Yes No

9. Minor working environment issues are not taking to quite a bit of my time Yes No

10. We have low representative turnover contrasted with our industry normal Yes No

11. I furnish my workers with normal valuable input and prize them where fitting Yes No


11 from 11 very much done

10 from 11 very much done, nearly there

9 from 11 excellent and take care of potential issues

8 from 11 great and you should straighten out these remaining details

7 from 10 you have a high danger profile, make a move

6 or less from 11 therapeutic activity critically needed to ‘ensure’ your business

Your significant serenity is up to you – your decision my decision.


Philip Lye is Director of Biz Momentum Pty Ltd offering proficient types of assistance in essential human asset the board, worker relations (HR/IR Matters), preparing your kin to work with you and not against you’, ‘instructing you’ to be a superior chief and audit of business documentation, leases and arrangements.

Phil holds capabilities in Accounting, Leadership, Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations and is a certified bookkeeper.

Phil began his functioning vocation as the ‘postage assistant’ in banking and account ascending through different business freedoms to CEO and CFO of two organizations prior to leaving to go into business in 2002.